September 12, 2015

Chimney Sweep FAQ

How often should my chimney be cleaned?

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends homeowners conduct a yearly inspection and cleaning and have any and all repairs done as necessary. In the case of woodstoves and fire place inserts used to heat the home, these should be inspected and cleaned if needed every year. Regular, open fireplaces need to be maintained and cleaned on a consistent basis as well. As a general rule, a cleaning is needed for every cord of wood burned.

How long will it take to clean my chimney and is there any MESS?

Masonry chimneys generally takes about one to two hours to clean.This includes setup and breakdown of tarps, vacuum and tools, cleaning the chimney, and truck pack-up. Our chimney sweeps will treat your home the way you would.  We guarantee absolutely No Mess in your home.

Do you install chimney caps?

Yes, We can supply and install both Stainless Steel and Copper Chimney Caps.  A chimney cap will keep out birds, animals, leaves, and other debris as well as rain. We strongly encourage the installation of a chimney cap to prevent Rain from entering from an uncovered flue. Rain is what does most of the damage in a chimney as over time it can work its way into the mortar joints inside the firebox causing them to become weak and deteriorate. A chimney cap is money well spent in order to prevent costly damage. Please ask about prices for equipment and installation.

What areas does Pilgrim ChimneySweep Service?
Pilgrim ChimneySweep is your local full service chimney sweep. We have been serving Plymouth County Massachusetts and beyond, since 1979. If you are looking for high quality chimney sweep service in the following towns, please contact us today at 508-746-0593Chimney Sweep in:
Kingston, MA
Plymouth, MA
Plympton, MA
Halifax, MA
Carver, MA
Wareham, MA
Duxbury, MA
Marshfield, MA
Pembroke, MA
Hanover, MA
and surrounding towns.